Cookies and Brownies Now Available!


Nick - Pittsburgh, PA

I must say, and I'm being completely honest, the muffins, buns and pizza shells were  by far the best I've ever had. Usually the muffins and sandwich buns I get fall apart and I'm left sitting with my mouth open.  Yours held up to sloppy joes! The pizza shells I get are very much the cardboard disks you use in your packaging. Again yours held up to the strain of many toppings and lots of sauce. They are thicker and softer which I prefer. So, I compliment you on your skills and the products you produce.    Thanks again,     Nick

Special Event?!

Having a special event coming up and do  not want to serve mass produced sandwich buns?  Reach out - we can accommodate!



Are you a dedicated facility? YES, there is no gluten anywhere in the kitchen, and no nuts - just us :) 

What other allergies do you accommodate? Many of our items are dairy free, they contain eggs.  We do offer vegan cookies!

Are you registered? Yes, with the PA department of agriculture