Why we do what we do - our story

Diagnosed with celiac in the 90's there were very few options.  There wasn't any food allergen labeling and the term “gluten free” was almost unheard.  Gluten Free has come a long way - almost everyone knows someone who lives this lifestyle.  Dr. Fasano said many many years ago, “you are the lucky ones” the first thought was what? thats crazy! But you know what?  He is right!   Celiacs and those with gluten intolerance can heal and live very healthy without medicine - how great is that?!

So, in order to survive and enjoy some tasty treats that were safe, Grandma started experimenting.  She had to learn about ingredients she never heard of and find out where to buy them - oh and google was not at her fingertips!  There were A LOT of failures, terrible tasting, horrible texture, some things that grew and spread everywhere - but then she nailed it!!  

A pizza crust that tastes like the real thing!!  Grandma (actually Pa) convinced a local pizza shop to give them a try so that they could go out for pizza together.  Thankfully they saw the benefit and took that chance on them over 15 years ago! - Sue, with the help of Pa - Jack and their daughters - JoAnn, Judy and Jill have been producing gluten free items that mimic their gluten counterpart for almost 20 years.  They currently wholesale their pizza crust, sandwich rolls and brownies at a shop near you!

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All products are baked in a dedicated gluten free kitchen, there are no nuts in the kitchen - except us lol

Where To Find Us


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We service restaurants and markets in Lancaster, York, Baltimore and soon near you!

Baltimore Area

Earth Wood Fire www.earthwoodfire.com

Stone Bridge Grille www.maryland-line.com

Lancaster County

Allergy Orchard www.allergyorchard.com

Caruso's: Neffsville, Fruitville, Rothsville, Marietta, 

Two Cousins: Brownstown, Bridgeport

Finazzo's www.finazzositalianrestaurant.com

York County

Belmont Bean Co. www.belmontbean.com 

Brewino www.brewvino.com

Rail Trail Cafe www.nfrailtrailcafe.com

Primo Pizza by Ryan www.primopizzabyryan.com

Saubel's Market - Shrewsbury and York 

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